turned_in2.2 - Nodejs: Initialization and Git Setup

In this article we will create basic node app using npm init. We will set up local and remote git repository.

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Basic tools and tricks using angles

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turned_inModules in SAP

Explain SAP modules and its functionalities

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turned_inERP end to end process in a typical industry

This article describes detailed ERP process

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turned_in3.2 - Angular: Health-check module

We will create health-check module which consists health-check route, component, template and service. Health-check response will be retrieved from backend api.

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turned_in3.3 - Nodejs: Health-check module

In this article we will create health-check route which returns response from mongodb collection. We will return result in JSON format with 'message' as key and result as value.

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turned_in3.4 - Health-check End-to-End Testing

We will perform end-to-end testing using angular and nodejs app. We expect to view health-check success message from db.

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turned_in4.2 - Angular: Define Standards

This article describes standards, naming convention followed in this project. Also covers npm configuration.

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turned_in4.3 - Angular: Consider Different Environments

Our application needs to run on different environments such as computer, cloud etc. So it becomes necessary to separate environment specific values. In this article we will convert environment specifi...

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turned_in4.4 - Angular: Incorporate Logging

In this article we will add logging feature. We will use ngx-logger to log the messages at frontend. For production environment we will set logging level as error else debug.

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