About EcoKrypt:

  • EcoKrypt is a free community driven knowledge sharing, self-learning, internet based education system.
  • EcoKrypt is a framework which connects teachers and students across the world.
  • Any person who is willing to share the knowledge can make use of EcoKrypt. Material can be shared in the form of articles (tutorials), questions (mcq, match-pair, arrange-sequence, composition, general), notes (flash-cards), courses (ebooks) and tests.
  • Students will grow and prosper via self-learning using easy to use interface and advance search options.
  • They can evaluate themselves using different types of predefined tests or can create their own.
Out Motto:
  • व्ययं कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम –By Bhartruhari (Knowledge grows as you share. The wealth of knowledge is the precious of all.)
  • Everyone has a right to gain the knowledge for growth and prosperity.
Free Community Driven

Knowledge Sharing by Authors/Teachers

Authors / Teachers:

  • If you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise in specific field, please complete registration process at 'Register'. After login you can submit 'Aspiring Teacher' form. Upon verification, you will get a special access to teacher's admin page
  • Authors can share study materials in the form of articles, questions, notes, and ebooks.
  • EcoKrypt is a great platform for the authors to serve the community and get recognized by world wide student base.


  • With easy to use user interface and advance search options, it will enable students to access those study materials and gain expertise in their chosen subject
  • They can test their knowledge by using 'Predefined Tests' and/or can 'Customize' their own tests. Test history will be maintained for future reference
  • Students can follow tags and/or teachers to avail ease of material search and getting notifications.
Grow & Prosper by Self-Learning